Willie Ray's @The Party

I would like to introduce you to one of the Funkiest Soul Bands you will ever hear ... Willie Ray's @The Party.   Willie Ray Brundidge or "Ray" (as he is known throughout the Industry) was fortunate enough to spend more than a decade as the Bassist with the legendary "God Father of Soul" ... James Brown.  Ray was recently a part of the promotional tour with James Brown's original Troupe in honor of the 2014 biopic "Get On Up".  He is often referred to as the most "sampled" Bass Player in the History of Rap & Hip Hop Music. 

Throughout his journey as a Bassist, Ray has worked with some of the finest musicians in the Industry, including the Ohio Players, The Ojay's, Brenton Wood, The Dramatics, Watt's 103rd Street Band and most importantly James Brown.  It stands to reason that Ray has one of the Funkiest Band in Los Angeles.     

When it comes to musicians, it is only fitting that his current band members would consists of some of the best performers one could imagine.  At any given time one may hear the keyboardist from Hiroshima, Norman Brown, or Rose Royce.  He has been known to work with guitarist from Brenton Wood, Larry Graham or Boyz to Men.  As far as drummers ... Willie Ray's @The Party has used the former drummer of Sly Stone, Rick James, The Jacksons and Barry White.  The list of vocalists varies from a member of the R&B group En Vouge, a former vocalist with Luther Vandross, or  members of the Gospel Choir the Sounds of Blackness. 

The band "Willie Ray's @The Party" has worked as a 4-peice R&B Dance Band, or as a 16-peice Big Band complete with horn and vocal arrangements.  When in need of a strong Funky Dance Band of any size ... this is the band to call.