Promotional Fees

Dear Artists,

This website has been created to show case you as an Artist.  Being showcased on Aries of NoHo includes: a bio, a performance calendar, a venue for videos, and a music/merch store. In order to achieve our Artists needs, service fees are necessary.  The service fees are as follows:
  • $25.00 USD – initial set-up, includes the posting of your Artist bio and your performance calendar. *
  • $10.00 USD – per posting of videos. **
  • $  5.00 USD – per posting of CD’s. **
  • $10.00 USD - posting of merchandise. * 
*One time fee
**As a member you may list as many videos or CD’s as you wish per posting. Each posting may contain as many items as you like.
Other Promotional Fees
  • 15%  Booking fee on all engagements. 
  • up to 25% for world-wide CD distribution. 
For any questions or to submit your info please click here to contact us...