Lucky Lloyd Wright


I met Lucky through a fellow guitarist, who had nothing but praise for Lucky Lloyd’s driving Blues style.  That was a number of years ago.  Since that time, I’ve used Lucky’s unique style of guitar playing in the recording studio, and I’ve also attended many of his live shows throughout the San Fernando Valley.  When it comes to an Old School groove, Lucky is the man I turn to.

Playing guitar comes natural to Lucky… after all… he was raised near Detroit… close to the streets of Motown.   He began playing electric guitar at age nine and soon set out to master the bass guitar as well.

Lucky’s style of playing is a little bit of funk from the streets; with his roots anchored in the traditional Southern Blues.  You can hear Lucky on tour with such Classic recording Artists as, Brenton Wood, Brenda Holloway and Little Milton.   He’s worked with Peter Tork from The Monkees, Eddie Daniels from The Platters, and is presently working on a project involving Mike Murphy from R.E.O. Speedwagon.

At present, Lucky has a band called the “Blues Shockers” that can be heard throughout the San Fernando Valley most weekends.  If you are looking for some good solid Blues… Lucky Lloyd plays the “Funkiest Blues” in the San Fernando Valley.