Lori Donato

I would like to welcome another versatile Entertainer to our Roster of professional performers ... Lori Donato.  Lori is an Internationally known singer, pianist, musician and all around solid Entertainer.  As an accomplished performer, she's known to effortlessly move from the piano, glide across the stage and take the audience on a hilarious and moving journey through story and song.    

It's obvious by her musicianship that she's no stranger to the world of entertainment.

Lori has a BFA in both Theater Arts and Music and has attended UCLA graduate school.  She has produced and directed dozens of plays and musicals while teaching High School Theater Arts and Music for the Los Angeles School District.  For the past several years she has been performing and perfecting her craft throughout California and Europe. 

Ms. Donato's music styles include Blues, Jazz, Swing, Standards, Pop and Originals.  She has entertained in Night Clubs, 5-Star Hotels, Cabarets, Concert Venues, Cruise Ships and Private Engagements.  Lori has traveled the world performing in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Berlin, Japan ... and many other Countries. 

Her performances in the Los Angeles area include The Queen Mary, Disneyland Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Westwood Plaza, Nicky Blair's, Hollywood Cinegrill, Catalina Jazz Supper Club and the Gardenia.  In palm springs she has performed at the Annenburg Theater, McCullen's, The Purple Room and a number of other club venues. 
As a pianist/songwriter she co-wrote the CD titled "THE ROAD AIN'T NO PLACE FOR A LADY " with Howlett Smith. 

Lori currently resides in the San Fernando Valley where she works as a Vocal and Performance Coach.  She also performs bi-weekly at Oil Can Harry's in Studio city.   
Ms. Donato is available as a solo performer, with her Jazz Trio or as a Quartet.