Janetta Anderson Deavers

Janetta Anderson Deavers, singer, songwriter/composer, arranger, and musician has been writing music for demos, albums, videos, and a host of musical specialty projects including several plays.  A multi-genre writer, she has written Pop, R&B Ballards, Country, Broadway, Religious Contemporary, Children’s Music, Adult Contemporary and Short Dramatic Composition.  However, Blooming Wild is the first full length album she has written, arranged, performed and co- produced featuring herself as an artist.  The sound of Blooming Wild is Nu-jazz, pop and soul.  Can you hear that combination?  Now, imagine Janetta’s voice, sensuous, sophisticated yet strong in the midst of that sound.  The music and lyrics of the album talks about shades and stages of everyday love and will quickly ease you into a “mind trance”

Janetta began her career singing and writing for a small recording company, Big Mack Music, Detroit Michigan.  She sang and played keyboard with an all girl’s band, Pure Woman, at clubs, bars, hotels and lounges.  After an extended study in songwriting, including workshops with established writers, she began writing original music for various individuals and projects.  Janetta has written music for the internationally recognized lyric spinto soprano, Rebecca Cook Carter.  She worked with famous European Jazz artist, Don Pullen and recorded with Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs.  She developed an interest in writing Children’s Music during the years she taught elementary school and has publish songs on the album, Children’s Music CD Series.  Among other works published and released at various times is the album, Ballard of the New Frontier.  Janetta won special recognition in the Chicago Tribune and a few science magazines for her song on this album.  Beautiful Man, a song from the album, Blooming Wild, won special recognition at the ASCAP EXPO and was recently honored with its own web page.

Today Janetta is a full time musician.  In addition to performing and promoting the album Blooming Wild, she continues to write for other artist.