Aric Leavitt

Once again, Aries promotions has discovered another musical gem ... Aric Leavitt.  Not only is Aric an accomplished guitarist, he sings and plays the banjo in true Appalachian style.  Among his many talents, Aric plays the banjo, the dulcimer, the mandolin, and the fiddle ... not bad for a Native New Yorker.
As a young child, Aric began collecting record albums by The Weavers and Pete Seeger.  This, without a doubt, influenced his love for Bluegrass.  By  age seven Aric began studying piano.  It was here that Aric's piano teacher informed him of his perfect pitch. 
Shortly afterwards, Aric's Family moved to Northern California, where he studied banjo with the legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.  Throughout his High School years Aric honed his skills playing a number of different instruments with a number of different bands
By this time, Aric's record collection had grown to include the Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, the Kingston Trio and even Dinah Washington.    

During his High School years Aric studied acting, but soon discovered music was truly his first love.  A decision I'm sure ... we all appreciate.  
Mr. Leavitt's career as a musician has served him well.  After teaching banjo and dulcimer for nearly ten years, Aric relocated to Southern California where he formed a five piece Bluegrass Band.   During this time, Aric traveled to both Canada and Cuba sharing his musical gift with the world.  His unique banjo sound can be heard on the movie "Roller Blade 7", and on several Disney Productions as well.

Aric currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California where he routinely performs for Children and the Senior Community.   He continues to perform with his 5-piece Bluegrass band, and can be found on Sunday afternoons performing solo at the Studio City Farmers Market.  A place he has been performing for the past twenty years.    

Aric is available to perform at Street Fairs, Open Air Festivals and Bluegrass concerts.