I would like to introduce one of the finest vocal groups to ever originate from the State of Minnesota ...  A.K.A.   When one thinks of Minneapolis music ... Prince, The Time, and The Sounds of Blackness may come to mind. However, throughout most of the1970's a vocal group called The Valdons was known for a string of R&B hits as well.

A.K.A. is a three member vocal group formerly known as The Valdons, who later changed their name to The Philadelphia Story. The original Valdons consisted of long-time friends William Clark, Clifton Curtis, Maurice Young, Monroe Wright, and Charles Young. The group began refining their vocal harmonies while serving in the United States Military and they have remained close friends over the years.

The original Valdons were made up of four singers backed by a nine piece band known as The Navajo Train. The Valdons became known throughout the Mid-West as one of the most sought after Vocal Groups in the region.
In the early 70's The Valdons changed their name to the Philadelphia Story and signed with the record company Scepter/Wand. Their release of "You Are The Song", and "If You Lived Here" were Hot Hit singles and soon climbed the R&B charts. It was the 1976 release of the singles "People Users" and "Gotta Get Back" that kept The Philadelphia Story touring throughout the eighties and nineties. Their performances include Sold-Out arenas throughout most of the Mid-West, including the Fifth Element and the Dakota Jazz Club.  The Group performed to Standing Room Only crowds at The Fine Line, the Cedar Cultural Center among other venues.   
It was early 2010 when Philadelphia Story negotiated a deal with Secret Stash Records. The record company was working on what would eventually become the company's biggest release ... a compilation CD. The CD would be billed as Twin Cities Funk and Soul Compilation: "The Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964 - 1979".  The CD release led to a new demand for the group and a major tour soon followed.
A.K.A as the group is now known, has either performed with or opened shows for Edwin Starr, Aretha Franklin, The Spinners, O.C. Smith, Grand Central Station, Sister Sledge, The Whispers, and Larry Graham to name a few. 
The group currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they continue to perform and tour throughout the Mid-West. The group is in the process of recording an up-coming CD titled "Thirsty". Both the single and the video are receiving great reviews.
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